2AM Vampire Dinner: Shrimp & Grits

Last night, I got out of work early (10:45pm is early) and was determined to make my crazy hard-working husband dinner for when he got home.

I texted my mom at a more reasonable hour earlier in the day, asking her which magazine our favorite Shrimp & Grits recipe was in.  We had discovered this recipe years ago, and for some reason yesterday I couldn’t get it off my brain.  I planned on Googling it when I got home and running up to the grocery store to get all the fixings.

But Mom one upped my plan.  Not only did she find the magazine (Southern Living), but she found the recipe and texted the link to my phone.  Way to be tech savvy, Mom!

So I went straight from work to the grocery store with my texted recipe at 11pm.  (This is actually my normal grocery shopping hour. The store is considerably less crowded – except for weekend nights when all the drunks are there buying beer or Cheetos.  Then it is considerably more entertaining.  Us Vampire Restaurant folk have our drunk grocery store nights on Monday & Tuesday nights)  I picked up some Shrimp, grits, cheddar, and other things, and I headed home to be Restaurant-Vampire-World Suzy housewife.

Except in Restaurant-Vampire-World, you may have great intentions, but you can’t really start cooking anything until after you’ve picked up Brad from work at 1am.  So I got ahead of the game.  I prepped everything.  I grated the cheese.  I squeezed the lemon juice.  I chopped garlic and I measured grits.

I had a glass of wine.  My cooking tastes better with wine.  I’m sure that’s what daytime Suzy housewife would do, too.

At 1:15am, when I got the call to pick up the husband, I had the bacon drippings in one pan and the grits set up waiting in another.  All I would have to do is turn on the burners.

I took food porn pictures at 1:47am.  Typical Vampire dinner time.


This recipe is amazing.  If you’re ever craving southern cheesy goodness, you must try it.  And with my recent funk, there was nothing like down home, southern cheesy goodness to get me out of it.  But come on, it cannot be healthy to eat this much cheese and bacon this late at night, right?


It’s fine when you’re a vampire.  Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.


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