Dinner at 2AM

When you’re in the restaurant industry, your meal times cannot be everyone else’s meal times.  Your holidays are probably not everyone else’s holidays.  Your weekends are never Saturday and Sunday.

We are totally backwards.

Which is why it wasn’t such a big deal when, last night at 2AM, Brad, David and I were sitting down to a glorious dinner.

Beets and goat cheese, Mussels with roasted fennel, blistered tomatoes, chilis and mint, and Rib-Eyes on the grill.

Come on, even the bread was sexy.

We even happened to get the world’s tiniest Mussel.

So small I felt bad eating it.

But it was in very good company, and I didn’t feel bad eating any of these much bigger Mussels…

We may have been eating dinner around the time that my dad was probably getting up for work in the morning on the east coast, but there is something about our Vampire lifestyle that just works for us.

And seriously?  I’d eat those Mussels anytime of day.  Just not the littlest Mussel.

Being this kind of Vampire is delicious.


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