Playlist: Birthday Karaoke

It is taking me forever to get through my past two weeks of eating and drinking and singing to tell you about it.  I can’t find a place to start.  I keep skipping from story to story.  From vineyard to … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Remember how I said that Brad and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day? Well, I made a little exception.  While putting together my LOVE playlist, I was so inspired by all that love that I wanted to record a little something … Continue reading

The Key of Kels Birthday Extravaganza

Best.  Birthday.  Ever. I keep saying that because its true.  I mean, even Foursquare said I looked nice on my birthday.  Thanks, Foursquare. I have the most amazing husband, the most amazing friends, and the most amazing life.  And February … Continue reading