My Week in iPics

I take a LOT of pictures on my phone.  And I could never imagine having enough to say about some of them to write a whole blog about them.  But after completely revamping my blog reader today, I saw a few posts that were just pictures from the week.

What better way to spend a Saturday than a glance back at the great pictures that were sprinkled throughout my week?

I kicked off Monday with Blueberry/Blackberry Pancakes.  Delicious.

Brad and I saved $160 into our piggy bank.  Gotta start somewhere!

We scored the R+D staff a box of cupcakes from Sweet Lady Jane by sending our guests down when they weren’t interested in our desserts.  Nice way to end a Tuesday!

I chatted with the artichoke lady about her beautiful ‘chokes at the market.

I officially broke my iPhone case in half… and had to decide on a new one that was a bit more indestructible, but still fashionable.

I found a dog that took Ginger’s title for Fluffiest Dog Ever.

I protected our fresh eggs from the Gibson-Monster.

I finally found a use for my Google+ account and made a “Hangout” so I could three-way video chat with Michelle and Sarah.  Vegas trip – booked!!

I ran 2.8 miles in 21 minutes Thursday!  Gibson is a great coach.  She even helped me stretch.

Brad is working a crazy week at work while one of the other chefs is out of town.  So I bought him a giant pizza last night when he got off at 1AM.  We almost finished it all.

I almost left Gibson at home for my run today, but she got super excited when I put my headphones on.  Like running around, crazy excited.  So I took the little bugger with me.

And then I somehow broke my headphones on my run… 😦  But Gibson was exceptionally good.

Oh! And how could I forget?

My previous busiest day had 191 views.  So thank you for blowing that out of the water!  I am convinced it is because there are so many pictures of my side-boob in that last post.

Either way, thank you all for visiting and for reading.  It absolutely means the world to me.  I love writing about all of the adventures my life is leading me on, and I hope you continue to enjoy reading about them!

See you all for more adventures next week!


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