Take Your Kels to Work Day

I guess that Crostata I made last week was pretty darn good.

So good, in fact, that I was invited by the Bar Pintxo boys to come in this week for their tasting menu and make them again.

Introducing… Pastry Chef Kels!

The guys even gave me a matching red apron and my own pastry station set up in the back.  In a teeny, tiny kitchen like theirs, it was a big deal to section off a whole 5 foot counter/sink for me for a few hours.

Yep, that’s about 5 pounds of buttery, delicious, pie crust dough.


“Giada Crostata” was even written on my cherries – which were pitted for me when I got there.  Way to make a girl feel special, guys!

I made up 24 of the little pastries to be served as the third course of Chef David’s tasting menu.

And although I had to go to my actual job (boo) last night so I couldn’t stay and eat one, I’m pretty sure they turned out deliciously…

“Giada” even got a shout out on the Tasting Menu.

Seriously.  Yum.

Brad asked me this morning what I’ll be making for “Take Your Kels to Work Day” next Thursday.  I partially think he’s so encouraging of it for all of the test pastries he gets to eat along the way.

But I just might be researching Spanish desserts to get ideas…  It was a whole lot of fun.


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