Discovering Fiona Apple

In the summer before seventh grade, I went to summer camp. (This seems a little random to write about in mid-October, but stick with me here.) By seventh grade you had graduated from Nature Camp, where you’d been going every … Continue reading

What I’m Listening To: Playlist

I know I said I’d only be putting together playlists once a month.  And then once a week I figured I would focus on a single artist or group. But playlists are so much more fun. Last night at work, … Continue reading

What I’m Listening To Playlist: Chicks Who Rock

Playlist What I'm Listening To

I couldn’t pick just one. Truth of the matter is, for this week’s What I’m Listening To I had discovered way too many awesome artists to decide on one.  This is not a bad problem to have.  In fact, my … Continue reading