Music To Cook To: Ribs & Black Keys “Turn Blue”

It’s no secret that Brad and I are big Black Keys fans.

Brad’s been a fan for years and years.  He introduced me to them back when we first started dating, and I was drawn toward the bluesy rock, the grittiness but soul that they brought to the table.  I liked the simplicity of their first albums, with just guitar and drums.

Plus, Brad was really hot – so I probably would have liked any music he brought me.


Since then, we have seen them in three very different venues.  We’ve been front row, just a few feet away at the Hollywood Palladium.  We’ve been underneath the stars in Liberty State Park with the Statue of Liberty practically behind the guys.  And then we saw them with my family at the Verizon Center in DC.


But we most often listen to the Keys while we are whipping up something delicious for dinner, or driving down to the market, or over to Hollywood…


Or just anytime, really…

DSC_0135The Black Keys aren’t just good music to cook to, they are good all the time music.

But if you’re throwing together some dinner tonight and need a pumped up, bluesy-rocking, but slightly chill soundtrack – throw on iTunes and stream their new album Turn Blue, out May 13th.


Because it goes just so nicely with a rack of ribs and a glass of rose on a weeknight.


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