Devils Not Allowed: John And Yoko Halloween

Yesterday was one of those rare times when Brad and I were lucky enough not to work on a holiday.  And when this happens, we take full advantage.

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I love holidays.

So we hit up the farmer’s market for pumpkins and did our Annual Pumpkin Carving on “Halloween Eve”.  (pumpkin carving was our first date so we do it every year now a tradition.  plus, I love carving pumpkins.)


I am proud to say that I think our skills are vastly improving.  Check out these awesome jack-o-laterns.


On Halloween, we splurged for a drop-off laundry service (our washer has been broken for weeks now.  plus, they are the best laundry folders EVER.  i might never be able to fold Brad’s v-necks again.) and set off to find the perfect costumes.

I wasn’t set on anything, but was mostly considering going as a selfie.  I figured I’d buy some poster board and markers and throw some hashtags on there a la this Beyonce Instagram recently:

beyonce selfie

Brad, however, was determined to simply wear a suit with devil horns and a tail.  I dismissed this as completely unacceptable and was determined to pull the creativity out of him.

I am estimating that we went all around the Westside to about 5 Halloween/used clothing stores before we had all of the pieces to the perfect costumes.  I should also warn you that it is surprisingly difficult to find a “high quality” straight, long, black wig without bangs or beads on Halloween. (thank you wig specialist at “aahs” party supplies)

Seriously.  Shop ahead of time for one of those.  If you want a platinum wig, you’re just fine.  Wait until last minute.  You’ll be fine.  But if you’re already platinum and trying not to be for the night, you’re basically screwed.

So Brad won in the end and got to wear at least most of his suit.  And I got to rock an awesome homemade 70s dress that only needed minor repairs to be wearable.

yoko dress

May I introduce to you, John and Yoko Mathews.

john and yoko halloween costume


I would also like to add as an aside that I was very impressed by my Newsfeed yesterday.  Hardly any of my friends went the “sexy costume” route.  No sexy squirrels or sexy inmates or sexy sexpots or whatever.  (ok maybe there were a few sexy sexpots)

I have determined this either means a) that I’m old or b) that I have super awesome creative friends.

I’m going with b.  Rock on, friends.

yoko ono costume


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