Cure For the Common Cold: Garlic Soup

Colds are the absolute worst. They sneak up on you, disguised as allergies.  Just a scratchy throat.  “Oh, I was partying a lot this past week.  Guess it’s catching up to me.  Haha.” Life goes on.  You can deal with … Continue reading

The Most Amazing Ever Tomato Sauce

Yesterday it really started feeling like fall around Santa Monica.  A crisp breeze was blowing all day, the trees with actual leaves almost looked like they might be turning colors, and I wore my new pair of boots. And we … Continue reading

Mandatory Tomato Post

tomato burrata

It’s August.  Over halfway through August. Officially Tomato Month. And I haven’t had a single tomato post!!! My favorite tomato stand has been fully stocked since right around June 21st  (I was definitely counting down).  And my tomato stock has … Continue reading

Sick Day: Blueberry Muffins and Squash Soup

Seriously, everyone’s getting it. The flu, that is.  It was only a matter of time before Brad and I caught it, too.  It has been going around our work, taking people out like dominos.  I showed up to host last … Continue reading

Old Bay Shrimp – GO RAVENS!

Today, I’m wearing purple for the AFC Championship game.  My nails have been painted purple.  I even planned on wearing purple under my work shirt tonight. So when I got a text this morning asking if my breakfast was purple, … Continue reading

2AM Vampire Dinner: Shrimp & Grits

Last night, I got out of work early (10:45pm is early) and was determined to make my crazy hard-working husband dinner for when he got home. I texted my mom at a more reasonable hour earlier in the day, asking … Continue reading